The Italia Collection is produced on European cowhides at one of Italy's finest tanneries, this masterful full aniline leather is a made for discerning taste. Italia has a rich, deep color with subtle toning variations for exceptional depth. The hand (feel) is smooth and silky with a light waxy touch. Finished with special oils & waxes, Italia is a pull-up leather with a gorgeous burst of lighter tones when pulled or worked during upholstering. Also, scuffs and scratches from normal use can be "rubbed out" by hand to near original condition!  In short, we adore this leather & are proud to offer it at an exceptional price! Please note, Italia may have very slight color variations within the hide & from hide to hide as is common with premium aniline dyed leather. Some subtle natural markings such as healed scratches and scars may be present and are considered the signature of fine leather. 

Origin      Europe  

Size         Average 50 SF

Finish     Durable protective finish

Use         Furniture,  Custom Auto, Leather craft