Our London Collection evokes a time when leather finishing was done completely by the hands of master craftsmen. These full aniline dyed leathers have a deep, rich patina (color). Because aniline dyes are absorbed differently across the hide, the color has "depth" as slight variations in tones create a stunning vintage look. As part of the tanning process London is infused with a blend of oil and waxes giving it the prized, yet subtle, pull-up effect. The "pull up" is a soft burst of lighter tones that results from the leather being pulled or stretched during upholstering. London may have very slight color variations within the hide and from hide to hide as is common with premium aniline dyed leathers. Please note that some subtle natural markings such as brands, healed scratches and scars will be present and are considered the signature of fine leather.  

Origin     Italy

Size        Average 55 SF 

Finish    Durable protective finish

Use         Furniture, Custom Auto, Leather craft