Meet F. Garcia Upholstery - Ramona, California

Meet F. Garcia Upholstery - Ramona, California

Posted by Casper Hill on Jan 23rd 2024

With a history spanning over three decades, F. Garcia Upholstery proudly embodies a rich family legacy with expertise in furniture and marine upholstery. The origins of this family-owned and operated business can be traced back to the founder, Federico Garcia, who began his upholstery journey in Mexico City's upholstery shops, igniting his passion for the craft. He later established his own upholstery business upon relocating to the United States. Today, his three children proudly carry on this tradition, turning upholstery into more than just a profession. “For our family, it’s not just a job; it's a piece of our family's history stitched into every project. Upholstering isn't just a skill we learned; it's a language we speak. A tradition passed down from a father who turned his love for art into an enduring family legacy.” - Jonathon Solario

Reflecting on their success in the industry, F. Garcia Upholstery gives much of the credit to the tight-knit community they are part of. Their business transcends mere commerce. The close bond they share with their neighbors extends beyond transactions, fostering trust and loyalty that has been instrumental in shaping their success. F. Garcia Upholstery takes pride in being a family-owned and operated enterprise. This familial touch is evident in their professional dealings, from selecting premium materials to providing a personalized experience that makes clients feel like an extension of their family.

What sets F. Garcia Upholstery apart is their collaborative approach to the design journey. They don't merely reupholster furniture; they engage clients throughout the process, bouncing ideas and incorporating their preferences at every turn. The result is a final piece that is uniquely tailored to the client's style.

Q & A Interview with Jonathon Solario

Most common question from customers?

“One question we often get, especially from folks new to our services, is whether they should reupholster their furniture or just buy new. Our response usually dives into a friendly chat about the condition of their furniture, any sentimental value it holds, and its overall quality. We love highlighting that reupholstering can be a wallet-friendly and eco-conscious choice, keeping those cherished pieces alive and kicking. In addition, reupholstering allows our clients to make their pieces unique and fit their specific needs.”

Biggest challenge for your shop?

“One of the real head-scratchers for us is keeping a team of top-notch craftsmen. You see, finding skilled upholsters is like chasing a unicorn in our area—it's no easy task! We're in this ongoing hustle to make sure we have a team that knows their stuff, but the limited pool of upholsterers around us adds an extra layer of challenge.”

Most common complaint from customers?

“Recently, many of our customers have grown a preference for online ordering and payment options. We're currently working with our POS system and consistently updating our website in order to provide our clients with these options.”

What is most important to you when working with a supplier or vendor?

“When we work alongside suppliers or vendors, nailing down the shipping time is a game-changer for us. We like to give our clients a heads-up on when their projects will be ready, that all comes down to our suppliers' shipping time. It's like the heartbeat of our operation.”

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